Everyone fidgets– you may bite your nails, play with your hair, click your pen, doodle on your paper, or bounce
Parents of children with autism are well aware of the importance of providing developmentally appropriate toys to their children that
Children experience their world through the senses.  As living beings, we rely on our senses to navigate through different environments,
I’d like to begin this post with a metaphor. Imagine that you are looking for something in your garage, but
Why sensory play is so important for children with asd
As human beings, we experience our world through our senses.  We use taste to appreciate an incredible meal, touch to
The 5 Best Fidget Toys for Autistic Children in 2022   For Autistic children, traditional toys are sometimes challenging to
Sensory Seekers Children who are considered "sensory seekers" are those who have a higher neurological threshold for sensory input. They
The Tactile System The tactile system, or sense of touch refers to the information we receive through the receptors in
What is Sensory Overload? Sensory overload happens when you’re receiving more input from your senses than your brain an organize
Top 10 Fine Motor Strengthening Gifts for Kids Looking for kids gifts that also help with development? Here are 10
Dressing head to toe in costume, going door to door and asking people for candy, lots of bright lights and
Parents of children who have autism can face challenges throughout their parenting experience.  Children who have autism often communicate differently
The term “Mindfulness” has been something of a buzzword over the last twenty years or so, and for good reason.  There
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