Children experience their world through the senses.  As living beings, we rely on our senses to navigate through different environments,
Ever have a hard time concentrating?   Even as adults we can have trouble keeping focused on necessary day-to-day tasks.  Especially
Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a young child's senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing, as well
I’d like to begin this post with a metaphor. Imagine that you are looking for something in your garage, but
As we get older and experience more in life, we learn to deal with “big” emotions and the “heavy” feelings
10 sensory activities for children with autism that you can do at home
It’s no secret that sensory play is healthy for children and needed for optimum development. Though all children should be
Why sensory play is so important for children with asd
As human beings, we experience our world through our senses.  We use taste to appreciate an incredible meal, touch to
The Best Sensory Toys For Children With Autism The CDC states that about 1 in 54 children are born with
Do we even need to buy babies toys their first year of life? They seem to be so fascinated by
How are your mealtimes, do they go smoothly or are they difficult? How many of you have a picky eater?
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