COVID Friendly Activities for the Active Child

Surviving Social Distancing with a Very Active Child Is your child always on the go? Constantly wanting to move, be outside, play at the park, and socialize with friends? Active children and quarantine don’t mix well together. Here are some activities to keep your sanity and promote regulation while remaining socially distant at home. They can be done inside or in your backyard! Calming activities: Massage Deep pressure (e.g. squish under pillows/cushions, roll up likeContinue reading “COVID Friendly Activities for the Active Child”

5 Tips for Children with ADHD and Distance Learning

Children with ADHD may have a hard time paying attention, sitting still, organizing their tasks and materials, managing time and prioritizing work, and managing their emotions. Distance learning may be exacerbating these difficulties. Here are 5 tips for helping your child with ADHD participate in distance learning.  1. Set up Flexible Seating Options Allow flexibility in their learning environment at home. Provide different seating options such as a move ‘n’ sit cushion, standing desk, t-stool/wobbleContinue reading “5 Tips for Children with ADHD and Distance Learning”

Sensory Processing

Happy Sensory Processing Awareness Month! Sensory processing is a very complex topic (and one of my favorites!). The brain receives input from the different senses and turns this input into a motor or behavioral response. For those with sensory processing differences, the information goes into the brain, but doesn’t get organized appropriately. Think of the brain like a file cabinet. Sensory input comes in as what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and when weContinue reading “Sensory Processing”

Successful School Environment—Online Learning Edition

Back to school 2020 may look a lot different this year for some of us. If you’re a parent putting on the additional hat of “teacher” this year, I’ve got some tips for setting up your homeschool environment for success! Setting a routine, especially during times of uncertainty like now, is so important to help kids stay regulated and get through their daily tasks! A visual schedule or a to-do list allows a child toContinue reading “Successful School Environment—Online Learning Edition”

Emotional Regulation for Children

What is Emotional Regulation? Emotional regulation is the ability to effectively manage and respond to an emotional experience. Why is Emotional Regulation Important? Emotional regulation helps kids Process difficult experiences and feelings without getting “out of control” Label emotions and identify their feelings Build self-awareness of feelings and responses to situations Recognize if an emotional response is appropriate or not to a given situation Gain efficient coping and self-regulation strategies Participate in daily activities includingContinue reading “Emotional Regulation for Children”

Fidget Tools for Focus

Everyone fidgets– you may bite your nails, play with your hair, doodle on your paper, or bounce your leg. “Fidgets” have become a common craze today in the world of our kids, but there is actually science behind why fidget tools help some kids focus. Some children’s brains are seeking more input to stay at the “just right” arousal level. For example, a child who is “seeking” sensory input may be constantly moving, wiggling, touchingContinue reading “Fidget Tools for Focus”

Developmental “Quarantivities”

Simple Activities To Support Development Using Household Items Has this quarantine exhausted all of your efforts to entertain your toddler or school-aged child? Looks like we may be quarantined for a bit longer, so here are some ways to develop fine motor, gross motor, and sensory processing skills and help your little ones stay regulated using common household items. No need to venture out to the store as you probably have most of these itemsContinue reading “Developmental “Quarantivities””

Picky Eater? Strategies to Help with Mealtime

Would you describe your child as a picky eater? Is every meal a struggle no matter what foods you put on their plate? Do the grapes have to be red, the crackers round, the crust cut off the bread, and the nuggets only from McDonald’s? This is a fairly common, very tricky issue with some children that takes a lot of repetition and a lot of patience. Good nutrition is critical for children’s brain andContinue reading “Picky Eater? Strategies to Help with Mealtime”

Calming Space for Kids

’cause we all need a little zen… Every child needs a little zen in their day-to-day life as it can get quite hectic when things don’t go their way, their school and extracurricular activities are never ending, or they are overstimulated with technology and real life. I believe one very important place all children (toddlers to teens) should have in their home (and/or classroom) is a designated calming space. A calming space is a designatedContinue reading “Calming Space for Kids”